For millennia mankind has feared the darkness. It has been the source if not the very essence of all things evil and diabolical. It is time for a new era in our understanding of the Darkness and what it truly holds within its womb. The answer is actually very simple. All life. When we gaze out into the night sky daring our vision to penetrate the infinite darkness that surrounds us we are actually seeing, experiencing through our senses the most readily tangible evidence of the Divine.

The Darkness of space is infinite. As of yet no one has proven different. So until then it remains eternal. Within this eternal darkness are an unfathomable number of stars and celestial bodies. Within this Darkness are our thoughts and spirits. Humans can gaze into the night sky and right there before them is tangible eternity, tangible infinity. Our understanding of God, Allah, Adoni, or simply the Divine essence is that he is eternal, infinite, everywhere. Right before our eyes we see this every night. Thus the infinite Darkness of Space is a manifestation of the eternal Divine. The Divine Darkness.


An endless echo
Brilliant serpents in sweet fear
Fleeting glances, forbidden tears
Infinite hand of unquestioned power
Beautiful, dark burning flower
Supernatural streaks, in gentle vastness
One thousand steps into imaginations beast
Yet to this paradise there has never been an equal peace

Divine Darkness Productions, LLC. 2002 All Rights Reserved.