Dark, ambient, funk, metal, trance, drum and bass, contemporary, blues, rock, heavy metal and film scoring. All Musical Services Handled by Reza Moosavi. Click the link below hear some samples.

The music of The Divine Darkness is a collaboration between the two combined musical visions of Reza Moosavi and Daston Kalili.

Reza - Fender/Ibanez (guitars), Line 6 Amplification, Reason 2.5
Daston - Daston - Korg Workstation Keyboards and Reason 2.5 & Spoken Word


Reza Moosavi is an ASCAP award winning composer that is the Studio Services director at Divine Darkness Productions LLC. He is the man behind the music and any recording/post production duties. With a huge library of samples, fx, foley, and state of the art gear Reza specializes in providing our films with location sound, sound mixing, composing, and final mastering.
You can reach him at: RezaMoosavi Sound Design Studios.

You can listen to some tracks here:
www.myspace.com/divinedarkness and www.purevolume.com/divinedarkness

Divine Darkness Productions, LLC. 2002 All Rights Reserved.
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