Length: 133 min

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Writer/Director: Daston Kalili

Produced by: Sevag Manoukian -
Pascal Vaguelsey - Daston Kalili

Production Company: Divine Darkness Productions

Cast: Daston Kalili, Gregory Bach, Saul Dapsus, Meagan Mangum,
Chris Wright, Ricky Moore, Natalie Fiori, Hilary Roth.

Contact: 310/989-8319 or 818/505-1073

York Entertainment is the domestic distributor of Insomnia Manica:

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A fast paced psychological thrill ride combining relentless and cutting edge filmmaking make Insomnia Manica a gripping neo-noir tale of a young group of vigilante thieves who choose to steal the wrong prize. Set in the dark and gritty downtown of Los Angeles, Insomnia Manica takes the audience through the journey of Iliad Labor (Daston Kalili) who drives the intensity through the screen with a powerful performance about riding the jagged edge of good and evil. Dahlia LaNoir (Natalie Fiori) shines as the femme fatale who as Iliadís partner has to pay the ultimate price for her love. Moment by moment both minds and lives are lost. With its surreal soundtrack and unforgettable ending the lines of pain, fear and insanity all blur into Insomnia Manica.

Divine Darkness Productions, LLC. 2002 All Rights Reserved.